Dr. John H. Fudens, HMC

Dr. John H. Fudens HMC DVM PHP

To better understand how I use classical homeopathy to treat both humans and animals, here is my background:

I graduated as a veterinarian in 1964 from New York State Veterinary College at Cornell University. For the first eight years I was a conventional veterinarian, practicing surgery, drugs, and vaccines. In 1972 I put a dog to sleep as I had no ability to help him further. I realized then that I was not curing or helping the animals as I had expected, wanted to, and felt my training should have provided me.

That year (1972) I discovered acupuncture and attended an international conference. I saw acupuncture being used on humans and animals from doctors, dentists, and veterinarians who had gone to China to study this therapy. In 1973, I took an extensive course (120 hours) in acupuncture for animals (first of its kind in the U.S.) and started using this therapy in my practice. I had also studied human acupuncture, but since I was a licensed veterinarian at that time, I applied it only to my veterinary practice. From this point forward I completed courses in herbology, natural nutrition, vitamins and minerals, radionics, acupressure, kinesiology, color, sound and many other natural therapies as I was weaning myself away from conventional medicine.

In 1982, I took a one year course in homeopathy as it applied to animals and incorporated that method into my animal practice. Subsequent to this I have spent many thousands of hours (in the U.S. and England) being trained by homeopathic masters learning how homeopathy applies to humans. I completed, in 1997, a two-year 500 hour intensive specialized certification course in advanced clinical homeopathy for humans with application to animals and received the degree of Homeopathic Master Clinician (H.M.C.). The clinic is one of the few in the country that specializes in the holistic treatment of both animals and human beings. Dr. Fudens believes that because of the special bond that exists between pets and their owners, many times when both are treated for their illnesses simultaneously, each experiences more rapid and successful recovery.

In 1989, I sold my animal practice and ceased to practice, provide, or believe in conventional veterinary medicine and surgery. I moved to Florida in 1990 and opened the Affinity Clinic in 1991. Shortly thereafter I returned my veterinary licenses in NY and FL and became the first doctor to provide totally holistic therapies for animals in Florida, and one of the first in the United States. The clinic has now expanded to include human care.

Conventional doctors are only concerned with the physical body, which is why we have specialists who only treat specific life forms, i.e., humans, dogs, cats, birds, etc.; and also more specifically target certain areas of the body, i.e., cardiologist (heart), orthopedic (bones), neurologist (nerves). In contrast, as a homeopathic master clinician, I am concerned with all aspects of the being who is sick. The physical, mental, emotional, and psychological levels are all important. All aspects of the life are examined, from birth to adulthood, their track through life, including family background, schooling, health of parents, surgeries, drugs, injuries, etc.

To work with any living being on this planet is a challenge, as we are all complicated and damaged to various degrees. To help a person/animal on the path to wellness takes education, patience, training, experience, knowledge, compassion, firmness, warmth, and a sincere desire to make a difference. Our approach is strictly non-invasive and entails working with the person/animal to find the best path to health and wellness and then seeing that this goal is accomplished. We stay with you until that objective is accomplished.