• By Dr. John Fudens

    Antifreeze, ethylene glycol, is willingly consumed by most dogs and cats. It is sweet, readily available and more enticing than water. If your pet licks or consumes any amount of antifreeze you must rush it to the veterinarian immediately for first aid treatment. The chemical can cause death within hours. Ethylene glycol destroys the kidneys, causing renal failure (shutting down of kidney function) which causes a buildup of waste products and leads to death from uremic poisoning. Ethylene glycol causes crystals in the kidneys leading to damaged tissue which causes the kidneys to fail.

    Transfusions, antidotes and supportive care can save some but not all animals. Speed of treatment after drinking antifreeze is the most important factor. Homeopathy and other natural therapy helps the recovery rate of conventional medicine treatment.


    Posted by Dr. John Fudens