• By Dr. John Fudens

    Coprophagia or eating stools, unpleasant as it may seem, is not all that rare or always an abnormal dog behavior. The mother with new puppies or kittens eats their waste in order to keep the litter clean. Stray dogs, famished, eat stools probably for the slight food value.

    The most common reasons for coprophagia include lack of trace minerals, poor diet lacking the proper protein (the reason dogs eat cat feces) fat and carbohydrates, and psychological or emotional problems. The mineral and diet reasons are easily control by feeding a complete natural human grade quality food either raw or slightly cooked.

    The behavior problems will need the attention of a trained animal behaviorist or a homeopath using homeopathy to help the animal acquire a mental and emotional balance. Whatever you do please do not punish the animal for this action or let them see you clean up their toilet area.


    Posted by Dr. John Fudens