Naturally healed Beau and Bonny!

Bonnie & Beau have been patients for 12 years

I have had the joy of raising two dogs, Bonnie and Beau, from puppies with Dr. Fudens guidance. We have worked together for over 12 years. The key is working together. Communication, dialogue and observation are encouraged through office visits and phone consultations. I am most appreciative to experience this positive wonderful alternative care with Dr. Fudens.
~Cynthias Jacobson

Cinder and I have recovered from our illnesses…Thank you!

“Dear Dr. Fudens, Just knowing you are there is more comforting than I can express. You first saved the lives of several seriously ill animals in my care. These were animals where conventional veterinarians had advised euthanasia. You next saved my life. Right now a black Labrador is lying at my feet. She is spending the week with me while her owner is out of town. This is a beautiful dog with bright eyes and a glossy coat. This is a dog with an important job, and she must stay healthy and alert, as her owner is a severe diabetic and it is Cinder’s job to awaken her owner, not allowing the owner to become comatose. Cinder knows long before Christy whenever her blood sugar is too low or too high. Yet, two years ago the dog looked and behaved as if she were at deaths door. Cinder had little fur and what there was of it was dull and brittle, her eyes were dull and her energy was so low she cared little for her favorite game of retrieving her tennis ball. With each trip to the conventional veterinarian the dog was worse than before as they only piled drugs on top of even more drugs. Treating the symptoms and ignoring the cause. in just a few weeks of your wonderful and insightful treatment, she has turned around and is once again a beautiful energetic dog. You have added so many years to the lives of so many cherished pets that I have referred to you. Successfully treating everything from cancer to failing kidneys. Then the unthinkable happened. One day I collapsed and within a few days had forty pounds of cancer removed. I knew exactly what treatment I (no chemo) and the person I wanted to be in charge of my recovery. A couple of phone calls, a fax or two and you had a large box of homeopathic remedies delivered to my door. That was three years ago. The rest is history. My last complete check up was three weeks ago and as I suspected, I was given a clean bill of health. Several years before my health problems I began looking for a homeopathic vet. I spoke with many local ones as well as several scattered around the country. I chose the Affinity Holistic Clinic because you were the only one I talked with that really seemed to have the background and knowledge I was looking for. Little did I know that I wuold one day owe my very life to you. It is also nice to pick up the telephone, chat for a few minutes and viola! The next day I have the remedies I need. No waiting in line at the pharmacy or in the doctors offices. You are in my nightly prayers.”
With love ~M

Boomer’s skin has cleared up thanks to Dr. Fudens

I brought my dog Boomer when he was 5 months old and one of the first things I did was take him to a veterinarian to check him over and make sure he got whatever puppies were supposed to get at that time. I had not owned a puppy since childhood, therefore I was totally naive when it came to his necessities. I must have been the answer to that vets prayers that day, because when I walked out of his clinic, I was minus several hundred dollars and appointments lined for an indefinite time. Boomer was in good health when I bought him, even the vet admitted that. It was only after his shots, medications, prescription dog food, medicated sprays and shampoos, he began to develop allergies, rashes and various related maladies. To summarize this story; for the next three years Boomer was in and out of Dr. Greed’s clinic more than I can remember, at an average cost of $150.00 per trip and he was not getting any better. The pills and shots only led to more pills/shots/test which lead to more medications, it became and endless circle and my bank account was going down hill rapidly. Finally!! I said to myself “there has got to be another way, all this medication is killing my dog and breaking me!” so I called a friend, who knows quite a bit about animal care and she told me of Dr. Fudens holistic clinic. She said “her dog who is 12 years old goes to him and she would never again go to another veterinarian”. I was impressed and anxious to give it a try. Soon after that, I made an appointment and took Boomer into see him. That was the wisest thing that I have done in a long time. Within a week after Boomer was off all his old medications (which I dumped into the garbage can) and on to the holistic ones, he began to get more energy, his appetite improved and he seemed generally more alert. I am very impressed with Dr. Fuden’s natural approach to animal care and I would highly recommend him to any one who deeply cares for their pet. I hope that others will have the great results that I have had and that their pets will live a long, long life.” ~M

After taking him off all drugs and chemicals he was on, he began to improve immediately!

“When I first brought in my 14 year old Pomeranian back in May, he was suffering from cataracts, fatty liver, a bad heart and other symptoms of chronic degenerative disease. I had only had him a short period of time, after saving him from being euthanized at the last clinic I worked at–therefore had also inherited his problems! I got him on the right track immediately by changing his diet to an all natural diet for senior dogs, and taking him off all drugs and chemicals he was on. He began to improve immediately. He lost the weight he badly needed to, he could move around alot easier, even climb up the stairs to my house. But I knew there was more I could do and then I found Dr. Fudens! He immediately put him on a detox program and support for his organs while going through this. All kinds of things happened/came out while he was going through this but afterward he was revitalized and grew back his coat and seemed a lot happier and more agile. Now we are presently working on his cataracts and I can already see them beginning to dissolve!” ~J. R.

Through your knowledge and belief in holistic medicine, my boy got much better

“Dr. Fudens, I want to thank-you for all you have done for Spooky and me. Over two years ago I thought Spooky was going to die. I brought him to you and through your knowledge and belief in holistic medicine, my boy got much better. The years of conventional veterinary medicine reaped havoc on my Spooky’s well-being. My other dog Baron, will never see another drug as long as he lives. I only wish I had discovered you a long time ago. I trusted the vets I was going to and now I know that they were slowly killing my best friend in the world. You blessed me with additional quality time with Spooky and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Spooky is gone now. He took with him a part of my soul and in return he gave me a part of his. My life will never be the same without my best friend but I have him with me wherever I go. ~J

Using only natural therapies our dog did recover and is no longer in danger

“Max had reached the end of his endurance when we took him to Dr. Fuden’s clinic for the first time for the first time. He had been exposed to insecticides we used to control roaches and fleas in our home and yard since we got him as a puppy. After about a year and a half his body was saturated with poisons and our regular vet admitted he could do nothing for our dog. He had tried every remedy known to him and nothing worked. Max’s whole body had broken out in sores in it’s attempt to expel the poisons he had absorbed. The vet finally recommended Dr. Fudens as a last resort. Under Dr. Fudens’ care, using only natural therapies (no poisons, no antibiotics), our dog did recover and is no longer in danger. He is a happy and healthy pet.”