I WAS a drug addict and I suffered from severe mood swings

“I first walked into Dr. Fudens’ Office a year ago. I was a drug addict and I suffered from severe mood swings. I worked with him for the entire year on these challenges. The persistence of this man was God inspired. He let me pay by month and kept a special eye on my progress. His understanding of the process of mind and body are his tools and love guides his heart. So if anyone who read’s this and understands the truth which I speak, I highly recommend Dr. Fudens as a very good people’s physician and not just an animal doctor.” ~M.J.

Symptoms of great tiredness, heart palpitations, and pressure in the chest have improved

“Dear Dr. Fudens: This is to let you know that I really appreciate the care and personal touch you have given to me in my visits to you. That you really had a great interest in my getting better really showed, and I have appreciated it. Moreover, I have had great confidence in you and have felt secure in our conversations. Originally, I came to you with symptoms of great tiredness, heart palpitations, and pressure in the chest. These have all improved very much due to your physical handling. The remedies you gave me, coupled with the handlings I received at FLAG have helped my health improve. My energy level has also increased. I have recommended a few people to come and see you, as i feel you could probably help them too. I would not hesitate to recommend others also. Thank-you so much. ~J.B.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to Dr. Fudens regarding the correct homeopathic remedy for my daughter

“I am writing this story regarding my daughter Jennifer who received care under Dr. Fudens at the Affinity Holistic Clinic. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Dr. Fudens and staff regarding the correct homeopathic remedy for my daughter. Before Jennifer received the remedy I had some difficulties that were not being able to be handled with her (ie. temper tantrums, uncooperative, crying spells for no reason, shyness, anxiety at school etc.) She is not the same child since given the remedy per Dr. Fudens. She is very social, outgoing, has many friends at school–she has become a “social butterfly”. She is much more cooperative at home, helpful, and she is a pleasure to be around. She laughs and has become much more “spirited”. Thanks to Dr. Fudens expert care in working with Jennifer. ~A–Y–(Mom 🙂

Yes, the cravings are gone and I am in control. I feel healthier, sleep better and do more than just eat

“Dear Dr. Fudens, this is to tell you of the positive things that have occurred and that are occurring now since I have embraced homeopathy. I have just in the past few month stopped drinking coffee and have no need for that caffeine stimulation that I was once addicted to. I lived for having coffee in the morning, the stronger the better. Also the biggest win is that I am not enslaved to sweets. Since childhood I had a craving for things very sweet and ate candy in great amounts much to my mother’s dismay but to the joy of the dentist, I presume. Now I can have a sweet in small amounts and dislike very overly sugary items like fudge and cheap candy. I have at last got control of my passion for ice cream too. I rarely have it but still enjoy it. I seem to have gravitated towards wholesome foods and things that have a lot of protein in them like fish, cheese and meat. I look forward to sitting down to a healthy balanced meal and skip the dessert. Yes, the cravings are gone and I am in control. I feel healthier, sleep better and do more than just eat. As I continue my “treatment” things do get better in a natural way without drugs and high costs. I thank you for all of your help and hope others become aware of “alternative” medicine. Gratefully yours ~T.P.

Never in my life have I had such mental clarity

“I am 53 years old and have battled different health problems for years but what really got to me was the Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was told there was no way out for me. I had a choice of medical treatments, drugs and joint replacement or the healthier way. I chose the healthier way with different types of treatments such as Acupuncture, Iridology, Reflexology, Vitamins, herbs, good diet and exercise. They helped me but just didn’t seem to take care of me. I wasn’t happy with my life. This plan worked for a while but it was so restrictive and I would still have “flare-ups” on occasion by deviation from diet or emotional changes. Stress from just plain life, job, raising children, marital relationship and battling my own problems from an abusive child rearing and two tours of duty in Vietnam made my health deteriorate. I was to the point of severe pain and unable to walk. I tried homeopathy and “Bingo” –It hit the nail on the head! I not only started to feel better physically but more importantly it helped me mentally and emotionally. Never in my life have I had such mental clarity. I have to say that I got worse before I got better and I am still getting better but this is my way out. I’ve learned that there is a difference between treating symptoms and getting to the nucleus of your disease and that is the way Dr. Fudens applies Homeopathy. I’ve gained a whole new perspective of life. If you want to ultimately get well, I highly recommend Dr. Fudens. ” ~M.B.

It wasn’t until my son started treatment with Dr. Fudens that he had MAJOR MAJOR wins

“A little over a year ago my son was antagonistic, violent and stuttering so badly that he would hit himself in the head to try and get the words out. He was having a great deal of trouble being in school with a group and academically had a lot of trouble despite the tutoring I got him. I was asked by the school to have him take a break for a six month period because of his violence towards his teachers and other students. I had spent thousands of dollars on counseling, allergy treatment, and supplements with no results. It wasn’t until my son started his treatment with Dr. Fudens that he had MAJOR MAJOR wins. Dr. Fudens has helped him so much. My son now is a joy to be around. He is now doing very well in school. He has made student of the week several times and is no longer antagonistic or violent. I have my sweet little 5 year old boy back. I just wish that I had found Dr. Fudens much much sooner. I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you again Dr. Fudens for all of your help”. ~C.H.

I find I don’t let anyone “walk all over me” anymore

“Before I started on the remedy I used to be very shy around people and would not speak up for myself. I would let other people walk all over me and I would say what I thought they wanted to hear. After being on it for 6-9 months, things started to change. My emotional “thinking” changed to where I was able to speak up to people more about my feelings. Now after a little over a year and a half, I find I don’t let anyone “walk all over me” anymore. I express my feelings and thoughts. I find I can’t push them back inside anymore like I used to. Also my thinking has become clearer, not the foggy head I used to have, feeling like cotton was stuffed in my brain. So the remedy has helped me with my work and with my relationship with other people.” ~K.W.

These natural remedies have been very helpful in balancing my emotions

“I have been a patient of Dr. John Fudens for the past 6 months and I highly recommend the use of homeopathic remedies in treating ADD and other related Emotional Problems. These natural remedies have been very helpful to me in balancing my emotions and helping me to become more focused. I was a former elementary school physical education teacher and taught students who had ADD. I believe in the natural way and feel that the use of drugs in treating emotional disorders does not eradicate the cause of this illness.” ~A.H.

Dr. Fudens found my son to be vaccine damaged…now harmony has been restored to our family!

“My 9 year old son was having a lot of troubles in school, he was goofing around and getting into trouble. He befriended another kid like him and together they were in ethics? everyday. He also was very emotional, much more than the two younger ones. He was hard to get ready for school, etc. I noticed these behaviors as early as age 18 months. I realized after the birth of my other two children that the behaviors were not in my opinion, “normal kid behavior”. He would cry when he woke up or have tantrums where he would go rigid. I helplessly watched this for years. My pediatrician had no help to give me. Finally at age 9, he was going to be dismissed from school. I took him out of school instead at a total loss for what to do. Somehow I found Dr. Fudens, who found my son to be vaccine damaged. It was something I had thought about, but didn’t know how to get it diagnosed. My son got 3 simple little pills and the very next day, he said he wanted to go back to school. Slowly but surely his temperament improved and even right away his physical appearance changed. The dark circles under his eyes were gone. He began to help me more and became easier to deal with. He reverted to himself as he was always underneath the symptoms, a nice boy with a sweet heart and cooperative. Of course, he’s still a boy! But he does not get in any trouble at school and he is a good family member. Harmony has been restored to our family. Thank-You Dr. Fudens! ~E.W.

I have been generally feeling better and better since starting homeopathic remedies

“I just wanted to put in writing that I have been generally feeling better and better since starting homeopathic remedies under Dr. Fudens’ guidance. The original problem for which I came to see him seems to have fully resolved. (Some sort of “growth” or sore in my mouth). It is completely gone at this point. This has been a great relief, and has saved me the possible surgical removal and biopsy with all the expense and terror connected to that. Also, I originally had no idea that his remedies could aid my chronic back pain, an I was pretty excited to find out that it might. Well, it HAS been helping that to my GREAT relief! Although not perfect yet, the pain is down probably about 50-75 percent at this point. I was hesitant to admit this to myself for a while, so afraid it would “come back” as it always has, but so far it has not! And the area just “feels” healthier and looser. Certain physical activities are now only bringing on a small amount of discomfort, which I have been able to stretch out and make gone within hours. I have not had to see a chiropractor or masseuse for weeks, after years of seeing both of them at least once a month to maintain a relatively pain-free existence. This is a HUGE win for me!! I appreciate Dr. Fudens’ knowledge so much. It is becoming gradually apparent to me what a valuable being he is. To be able to take a lot of attention off the body is no small thing. I am looking forward to further improvement under his care for other minor maladies that I have. I have been telling others about my improvements and recommending him to others (the ones I feel can have this “miracle”). I REALLY WANTED TO ACKNOWLEDGE DR. FUDENS AND THE AFFINITY CLINIC FOR THE VERY VALUABLE HELP I AM RECEIVING. ~T.Z.