By Dr. John Fudens

    Parasites (worms) of any kind are a reflection of an unhealthy state in the body of the pet companion. The immune system is either weak, suppressed, toxic and /or the pet has inherited chronic degenerative disease from its parents and grandparents. The unhealthy state of the body attracts the parasite and allows them to exist. The definition of a parasite is one who lives at the expense of another without making any useful or beneficial contribution and usually with harmful effects on the host.

    Parasites are contracted in many ways by our pets. Tapeworms are ingested when the dog or cat eats fleas. The female flea carries tapeworm eggs that it ingested from the ground. Roundworm, whipworm, hookworm and coccidia are ingested from dirt/ground that has been contaminated with the eggs of these parasites. The ground becomes contaminated when other animals, including wildlife, defecate in the dirt. Our dogs and cats then walk through those areas and the eggs are picked up usually on the paws. Then in normal grooming and licking of its body our pets swallow the eggs.

    Conventional treatment of hookworm, tapeworm, whipworm, roundworm, and coccidia consists of giving the appropriate chemical poison either by injection, pill, capsule or liquid to get rid of the worms.

    In my holistic practice I use natural diets and therapy to heal and repair the health and immune systems of the pet companion. I then use either homeopathic remedies, herbs or a combination of both to remove the worm from the body. There are no side effects or dangers, the cost is far less then conventional medicine and the pet regains lost health. Both the client and patient win with this approach.

    Recommendations are them made on how to decontaminate the pet’s environment to rid the area of worm eggs. These include but are not limited to picking up all stools immediately, walking in different areas if possible, using natural powders like lime, diatomaceous earth and in some cases strong disinfectants such as bleach.

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